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USB Data Protection Tool for Windows Network

Are you worried about your client’s USB device activities and want to enhance your network security?

Don’t worry! We have the solution with our USB Data Protection Tool for Windows network that will provide security from unauthorized access of USB mass storage removable device usage. Anti Data Theft Tool monitors plug-in and plug-out activities of all major USB mass storage devices including Pen Drives, USB video players, USB Cameras, Pocket PCs, USB Flash cards, USB MP3 players, Multi media mobile phones and other USB mass storage devices.

USB blocker tool examines the real time and offline activities (when network connection is broken) of client module with alert sound facility on server machine whenever USB mass storage media is inserted or released from any client machine on local area network to prevent confidential data loss with option to prepare monitoring and activity log files in html or text format.

Software Applications:
» General users: Network executive, Information Technology consultant, Software or hardware Engineers, Industry managers.
» Various Organization: Software or core Companies, Defense organizations, Investigations departments, Business Organizations, System Integration Companies, Computer Labs of Schools and Colleges etc.

Software Features:
» USB activity monitoring software can’t be detected or uninstall by client and software will continue running as a process on client’s machine.
» Provides real time information including date and time of insertion and removal of USB device, its manufacture’s name, capacity with client’s IP address over Windows network.
» Continuously prepare log files in html or text file format of connection/disconnection activities of USB storage devices on client’s machines.
» Server can assign permissions to entire client’s machine or selected client’s machine to access the USB storage media.
» Data protection tool is proficient of monitoring multiple clients’ machine even when network connection is broken from the server.
» Alerts server administrator with a sound beep each time with USB device is accessed on the clients PC.