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Outlook Express Password Recovery

Now to recover lost passwords of various email and newsgroup accounts configured on your MS Office Outlook and Outlook express mail servers is not a big task to deal!

Outlook Express Password Recovery Software easily manage to recover lost or forgotten mail account passwords of various email service provider which are accessed globally.

Password restoring tool automatically displays user logins and accurately recovers saved passwords hidden behind asterisks (*****) for all email and other password protected accounts make on Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Express mail servers.
Software is useful for:
» System Administrator.
» Company’s Supervisor.
» Software developer.
» Engineers or professionals.
» Corporate users or business persons.
» Scientists or Researchers.

Software Features:
» Software instantly recovered the lost or forgotten mail account password easily.
» Software supports recovery on windows XP, ME, NT, VISTA, 2000, 98, 2003 operating system.
» Saves recovered information in text file for future reference.
» Displays the settings of mail and news accounts with incoming and outgoing server name and server port number details.
» Provides an inbuilt help-file for technical and non-technical users both.