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Computer monitoring software easily track and record overall activities performed on your computer system. PC monitoring system record composed email, web history, facebook chat, instant messages, online searches and other activity performed on the PC.

Computer monitoring program works invisibly and generates log file of recorded activities that can be sent at user specified email address. Now you can easily monitor all your employee, children, spouse and other user activities on your computer system by the help of computer monitoring software.

Computer system monitoring application is effective surveillance utility that enables business organizations to check the activities of the employees on Company computers. PC activity monitor program helps parents to keep an eye on internet and PC activities of children.

Software Features:
» Records Keystrokes: Computer monitoring software easily records all keyboard typed activities by the user on the PC.
» Records Clipboards: Parental control monitoring software records all copied clipboards entries.
» Monitors System Date/Time alterations: Records all the changes made in System Date/Time.
» Monitors Windows Applications: Provide detail of all your accessed Windows applications.
» Records System Startup Time: Records all System Startup time.
» Web Activity Monitoring: Tracks all website URL's, chats, instant messages, emails, webpage browsed.
» Records user Name/Passwords: Captures entire user login name and passwords.
» Hot Keys and Run Command Settings: Facilitate to set Hot keys or Run commands options to access software running in hidden mode.