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Advanced PC Monitoring Software

Advanced monitoring software helps to monitor entire activities performed on your PC. Computer monitoring program quickly tracks and records incoming/outgoing emails, chat conversation, visited website and other activities done on your computer. Computer activity monitor program works invisibly and does not appear on Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, control panel even in installation path folder.

Advanced computer system monitoring program easily monitors employees’ activities, who spend corporate bandwidth on shopping, chatting and viewing frivolous content instead of work they are paid.

Monitor children activities:

Children spend a lot of hours online doing homework, talking with friends, playing games and much more. Besides the positive aspects of internet there are some harmful content that could be danger for children. With parental control monitoring software you can easily track all activities of your children performed on PC.

Software Features:
» Computer monitoring program helps to monitor all user activities on computer system.
» Key logger software generates report of recorded activities in HTML and TXT file formats.
» Internet activity monitor software tracks all user accounts including guest user.
» PC monitoring program provides Hot key and Run command settings to access the software when operates in invisible mode.
» Internet monitoring tool captures windows screenshots periodically at set time interval.
» Web monitoring program Records Voice Chat Conversations and system sound activities.