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Remote Keylogger

Remote Keylogger
Remote keylogger easily records everything performed on computer system remotely. PC keyboard logging software monitors remote computers by logging internet activities such as visited web pages, screen shots, chat conversation, typed e-mail IDs, passwords and other performed online activities. Keystroke recorder is used to monitor your spouse, children or friends activities during internet accessing in your absence and saves recorded data in encrypted log files.

Keylogger, secret chat logger, records everything done on the desktop/laptop computer without providing any knowledge to your friends, family members or business employees. You can easily monitor local computers activities while you are working with server computer. After downloading the software, you can have full control on your local and remote computer machine.
Why Remote keylogger?
  • What is your spouse doing on the internet while you are asleep?
  • Are your employees sharing business confidential files to your rivals?
  • Are your children chatting with strangers or visiting adult websites in your absence?
  • How to record performed activities done by the external users on your PC?
  • How to track visited websites and sent e-mails or chat conversations records?
  • How to retrieve previously entered e-mail ID and password?
  • What are your family members or friends search on internet?
Remote Keylogging Software features :
  • Absolute Stealth Mode: Software runs in stealth mode and is impossible to detect in task manager or add/remove program list.
  • Password Protected: Undetectable Key Logger Software is password protected that prevents others from interfering with your recording process.
  • Log Files: Computer activity monitoring tool records everything in encrypted log file which is helpful to monitor your entire computer system. Log files are password protected and unauthorized users can not access without your permission.
Where Remote Keylogger is useful?
  • Useful in Business Employees Monitoring :

    • Software secretly tracks all activities of business employees on the computer system during working hours. Keylogger software is useful to increase business revenue, employee productivity, eliminate leakage of confidential data and monitor the PC efficiency.
  • Useful in Internet Activity Monitoring :

    • Computer surveillance key logger software records all the internet activities done by your family members, friends, your spouse, kids and business employees. Software is fully capable to capture screenshots, chat conversation, analyzed web pages, downloaded files and other online/offline internet activities.
  • Useful in IT Organizations :

    • Remote keylogger plays a vital role in IT organizations to troubleshoot technical problems with computers and business networks. It is useful for company security to record all typed activities associated with commercial information which may be harmful for the company if disclosed.
  • Useful in Law Enforcement and Research Organizations

    • Password protected software useful in investigation of computer research (cyber crimes), scientific research (related to accuracy and adequacy of external influence) and law enforcement organizations.