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Benefits of Monitoring Software

Benefits of Monitoring Software

Improves employee productivity with computer surveillance

  • PC monitoring program allows you to monitor employees daily computer activities that help to analyze and organize your business productivity. Employee monitoring software helps you to find out what your employees do during office hours.

Look after your Kids computer activities

  • Parental control monitoring software helps to keep watch over your kids/spouse daily internet and computer activities. Parental monitoring program easily track what they do on the PC in your absence.

Monitor external user activities on your PC

  • Computer monitoring program allows you to monitor activity perform on your Desktop or Laptop computer system in your absence.

Remote monitoring of your PC

  • Monitoring program monitors all activities performed on your PC, just by installing the keylogger software and getting detailed computer activities remotely via email or FTP.

Chat / Instant message recording

  • Computer monitoring system has ability to record all instant chat messages performed by your child or any other external user on your computer system.

Print activity monitoring

  • Provide detailed print activity monitoring including your kids or employee from your PC in your absence.

Monitoring Software is necessary for:

  • System Administrators, Managers
  • Parents, School and Colleges, Internet Cafe