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Local Keylogger

Local Keylogger
Local Keylogger is a standalone computer monitoring tool that secretly records all performed activities on the computer system without providing any knowledge of software installation to external users.

Keyboard keystroke recording tool track everything from the keyboard like typed text document, chat conversation, e-mail IDs, passwords, typed URLs and more. Easy to use computer surveillance tool is useful to determine how your family members or friends interact with your desktop pc while you are not present at that time.

Why Local Keylogger?
  • Local keylogger provides facility to keep total control over the computer system after recording all keyboard typed activities and capturing visited websites, screenshots at regular interval of time.
  • Visual surveillance keyboard recording tool records everything in encrypted log files with visited applications path information which is helpful for data backup.
  • Stealth key logger application program is password protected to prevent from unauthorized users to modify software configuration settings.
  • Invisible keylogger software runs in hidden mode and does not appear in installation path, add/remove program, windows task manager, startup menu and application program folder.
  • PC monitoring software is easily helpful in Parental and Business monitoring after recording all activities performed from keyboard on the Laptop/Notebook computer.
  • Surveillance keylogger application is useful for Home, Colleges, Universities, Offices, Government and Law enforcement organizations.
Where Local Keylogger is useful?
  • Parental Control :

    • Software is helpful for parental control if you want to keep an eye on your children activities while surfing internet in your absence whether they are chatting with strangers or visiting adult websites.
  • Full Computer System Monitoring :

    • Windows keylogger software is useful to have full control over your personal computer after recording everything done on your pc by the external users.
  • Employee Activities Monitoring :

    • Key logger utility is helpful in business monitoring after recording everything done by business employees. You can easily monitor if any confidential data is shared with your competitors and any malicious software is installed that may be harmful for your organization.
  • Security Inspection :

    • Advance local keylogger software is useful to provide computer security and helpful to prevent from cyber crimes, hacking passwords, invalid e-business transactions and more.