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Q: What is keylogger?

A: Keylogger, also called Keystroke logger, is small program that monitors each user typed keystroke and various windows applications accessed on your computer desktop. Software secretly captures all screenshots, clipboards, website visited, typed URL`s, passwords, copied text and many more.

Q: What are the common benefits of using keylogger software?

A: The common benefits of using keylogger software are:

  • Easily record all performed activities on the computer system.
  • Useful for parental monitoring after watching your kid's activities on the internet.
  • Improve your employee's productivity with computer surveillance.
  • Helpful to detect and prevent if some confidential business files are shared to your rivals.
Q: How can I watch my kid’s computer activities via software monitoring tools?

A: You can easily watch your kid's computer activities after installing keylogger software that easily tracks visited websites, chat conversation details, send emails and other internet activities performed by your children on the desktop/laptop PC.

Q: Does the keylogger software can be used to check my employee computer activities?

A: Yes, the keylogger software can be used to check your employee computer activity so that you can easily keep an eye on what your office staffs are doing on Company PCs during working hours.

Q: How a keylogger will help me to increase my business revenue?

A: Keylogger software will help you to increase your business revenue after monitoring all business activities done on the computer system and preventing.

  • Your confidential data which is being shared to your rivals.
  • Prevent your PC by detecting if any malicious software is installed.
  • And others activities which may harm to your business.
Q: Why should I install keylogger software (or program monitoring software) on my PC?

A: You should install keylogger software on your PC for personal and business monitoring. Software is helpful to track local and internet activities of the external users, log all typed keystrokes, capture visited websites, screenshots and clipboards, record all typed text documents, voice chat conversations, e-mail ID and password, system activities, logins and passwords. You can easily monitor your kids and other family member's activities while they are surfing internet in your absence.

Q: How freeware monitoring software is useful for monitoring activity performed on PC.

Key logger monitoring software records all activities performed by the user on computer. PC monitoring program runs in hidden mode and generates report of user activities, so that you can easily find out what is going on your computer behind your back.