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Family Keylogger

Family Keylogger
Family Keylogger software allows you to secretly monitor what's happened on your personal computer in your absence. Keystroke logger software is useful for family/home users who want to keep an eye on their children and spouse activities on the internet whether they are chatting with strangers or visiting illegal websites. Invisible keyboard monitoring software absolutely works in hidden mode that means software icon remains hidden in the task bar and no process title is visible in windows task manager so everything is recorded in stealth mode.
Why Family Keylogger?
  • Your spouse is cheating you.
  • Your kids spend most of the time on chatting and visiting adult websites while surfing internet.
  • Your other family members or friends are doing illegal things on your laptop.
  • You lost your important data.
  • You forgot typed e-mail IDs and passwords.
Family Keylogging Software features :
  • Absolute Stealth Mode: Software runs in stealth mode and is impossible to detect. It will not be listed in task manager or add/remove program list.
  • Password Protected: Undetectable Key Logger Software is password protected. This feature prevents others from interfering with your recording process.
  • Quickly Recording: Immediately records or capture anything on the computer such as visited websites, screenshots, typed text documents, chat conversation, downloaded files and more.
  • Log Files: Computer activity monitoring tool records everything in encrypted log file which is helpful to monitor your entire computer system. Log files are password protected and unauthorized users can not access without your permission.
Where Family Keylogger is useful?
  • Computer Monitoring :

    • Keylogger software allows you to monitor total computer activity if you are far away from your home. It secretly records every typed keystroke and helps you to know exactly what is happening on your desktop pc.
  • Parental Monitoring :

    • Keyboard tracking software is useful for parental monitoring to view what children are doing on the internet. Parents easily monitor their kid's chat conversation, searched history, visited websites and instant messages.
  • Spousal Monitoring :

    • Keystroke recorder utility is helpful to find out your spouse activities on the internet whether he/she is chatting with others when you are asleep. You can easily find if your spouse is cheating you.